Kharkaethia: The Seventh Domain

Prologue: Session V

14th Day of Windwhisper, 1726 AB

The adventurers had only a short respite between clearing the priory of demons and dealing with the portal that remained—and dealing with its infernal master: Agadaroch, Prince of Plagues. As the first New Moon since the plague came full force, it will be a crucial time to fight back the forces of destruction that will emerge from the portal unhindered from tonight on.

Their rest was a fitful one, interrupted by a short dream:

“As exhaustion overtakes you from a long journey and seemingly even longer battles—your mind slips from restful repose to fitful disturbance. Your mind’s eye conjures an image—a nebulous reddish blur that slowly coalesces into a face, a fearsome face covered with crimson scales, a nose like that of a skull, sunken eye sockets glowing with its own inner flame, and teeth like assassin’s daggers, gleaming like steel. Jagged crests that jut out at sharp angles surround the entirety of this gruesome visage. The face regards you with what you can only assume is a mixture of grim amusement and scornful hate. Its lipless mouth parts to speak:

“You are persistent whelps, I must admit, but I don’t believe you know what you involve yourself with. We will show mercy—return to your distant farms, your homesteads, your holes in the ground . . . this is not your concern. Even now, this kingdom is doomed; within another fortnight this land will covered by the Plague—flee this land while the chance of survival remains!”

After a long and grueling battle of protecting Makarka while he performed the ritual of sanctifying a specially-prepared pitch and calling on Tameris’ aid to seal the portal the good while dealing with fire demons from the Abyss and the mortal form of Agadaroch himself, the party was able to seal the portal permanently, cutting off Agadaroch’s source of power in the Seventh Domain and reducing his plague into piles of red beetle husks.

Tired and bloody, the adventurers now must rest and decide what to do next. There still remains the task of getting Acain back to his home and dealing with Mata the traitor. And then there is the question of what remains of the kingdom of Athkaria. How far had the plague spread? Will famine wipe out those who remain? What will become of the orcs and Uigan warriors harrying its borders?



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