Kharkaethia: The Seventh Domain

Prologue: Session III

12th Day of Windwhisper 1726 AB


After getting your bearings after the battle, you can hear in the distance all around the region the howls of more of the zombies, gradually getting closer. You realize that sound carries off the sheer cliffs and rocky escarpments that surround the region and understand with grim awareness that surely the sounds of your battle carried through the region as well. You suspect you have little time to collect yourself before you are swarmed where you stand.

The PCs decided to leave the village and head blindly into the woods.


The PCs began the skill challenge

You plunge headlong into forest, hoping to use the cover to mask your escape. Running through the foliage you fail to notice the thunderheads rolling over the mountains from the north, but the sharp report of distant thunder makes it obvious that a storm is headed your way. Within minutes the sky has fully darkened and the claps of thunder and the oncoming downpour deal you a mixed blessing—while the rain and wind do little to improve your wellbeing and disposition, the noise of the storm will surely cover your escape.


“After long hours of traveling through wooded valleys, rocky passes, and deep hollows, you follow the sound of the a fast-flowing mountain river to the camp known as Broken Shield. It is a small camp—barely more than a couple of semi-permanent huts, a fire ring, a handful of drying racks for hides and skins, and a dead tree with the camp’s namesake hammered into it—an old wooden shield split from corner to corner, the faded image of a woman holding a mortar in one hand and reaching up to a dove in the other. The camp is otherwise silent and still.”

Arriving at camp the PCs saw signs of activity: warm (if damp) embers and bones from recently eaten rabbit, etc, as well as signs of a struggle. Borf discovered pieces of ichor from a zombie, sure signs of a struggle. He also found a set of heavy bootprints that plunge into the woods heading northwest past the stream.


At some point near dusk, the PCs heard the baying of wolves nearby. The baying was particularly deep and echoed off the rocks as the PCs started to approach As they crossed into a deep wooded hollow, they ran across Acian, nocking a bow and looking back and forth between the two hills.

“You come upon what appears to be a well-built hunter, his long blond hair and beard braided in the style of Vjardel men, he has an arrow nocked in a short bow and is shifting his attention between the two sides of the wooded hollow.

‘C’mon out ye bastards and get what ye came for! Ye might get your meal, but it’s goin’ ta hurt goin’ down!’”

The PCs intervened, fighting several wendigos before one of them and a dire wolf escaped. They managed to save Acian from a gruesome fate.

They discovered a cloak that could be made from the skin of the mindbending wendigo.



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