“No seed will grow of this barren earth.
Our cancer has grown into a stone.
This water tastes like poison.
This is our destiny.

These are visions, visions on."

“You look down at the parchment you received so many weeks ago, carried to your doorstep or tent flap by an enormous raven. In its talons it clutched this and a letter of credit from the Bank of Karaduman, redeemable for 3,000 gold lions. The letter was from King Tanrek of Athkaria, imploring you to travel to his castle and discuss a matter of great importance. You have little idea who King Tanrek is and even less of an idea of how he knows about you, but with crops dying of disease, trade goods drying up, shipping routes plagued with bandits and pirates, and little work outside of conscription for wars between petty city-states, the coin promised only for traveling and listening to what this king had to say was hard to pass up. . . .”

Enter the codex

Kharkaethia: The Seventh Domain

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